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Soak squirrel overnight in salt ... water. Add salt and pepper. Cook until tender. (Save about 2 cups of the water (broth) squirrel was cooked in to make the gravy.)

Heat grease. Simmer tomatoes in grease until soft. Add milk and flour and mix until thick. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add more milk to make a thinner gravy.

Combine in a heavy iron skillet the melted bacon grease, flour, salt and pepper. ... now until the gravy is at the desired thickness. ... more liquid may be added.

Put at least 2 tablespoon of grease in hot skillet. Sprinkle salt ... brown. Measure milk into bowl, then pour all at once into hot skillet. Stir until gravy is thick.

In hot skillet, stir in grease, flour, salt and pepper. ... add milk and stir until mixture boils. NOTE: For thinner gravy increase milk, for thicker decrease milk.

In a frying pan pour ... for about 20 minutes. Remove steaks and keep warm. Add flour mixture to frying pan and slowly add as much milk as needed for thick gravy.

In hot skillet, stir in grease, flour, salt and pepper. ... hot with bacon, eggs and biscuits. For thinner gravy, increase milk. For thicker gravy, decrease milk.

Mix water and cornmeal in hot grease until desired thickness. Allow to cool.

(Approximate measurements.) Heat meat fryings ... (enough to absorb grease) blend with fork. Combine ... until boiling. If gravy is not thick enough, add ... form. Season to taste.

In hot skillet, stir grease, flour, salt and pepper over medium heat. Stir until it starts getting brown. Turn heat on low and pour milk in slowly until it thickens.

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