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Shake well with ice - strain into 5 or 6 oz. glass. Decorate with Maraschino cherry.

Mix together orange juice, lemonade, bitters, sugar, soda and whiskey sour mix. Pour in punch bowl. ... refrigerator. Garnish with orange slices and cherries when used.

Mix thawed lemonade concentrate (undiluted) with bourbon in punch bowl over ice. Add soda just before serving. Stir. Serves 40. It looks pretty to mold an ice ...

It's hard to believe this ... frozen lemonade with whiskey, then add club soda. ... were adding cans of water to make normal lemonade. Add the fruit and lots of ice.

Mix altogether in punch bowl. Can add 1 quart bourbon or white wine (very good with no spirits). Add orange slices, lemon slices or maraschino cherries for ...

Mix 2 cups boiling water ... sugar water to the tea mixture. Add whiskey, if desired. Freeze, stirring occasionally until slushy. With whiskey, just freeze 24 hours.

Combine all ingredients. Put in large plastic pitcher and freeze. Stir occasionally to break up. Best to make about 24 hours ahead.

Mix in blender 6 ounce ... crushed ice to fill blender to half full. Add 6 ounces of Canadian Whiskey and fill blender up with remainder of ice. Blend until smooth.

Mix well. Freeze. Then serve.

In blender, combine first 4 ... taste before adding whiskey. Add whiskey and blend. ... sparkle and a hint of cherry juice for color. Top with a cherry. They'll love it.

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