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Place a whole chicken or turkey breast skin-side down on a plastic cutting board with the pointed end facing away from you.

Using a sharp, thin boning knife, slice through the white cartilage in the center of the breast, just above the keel bone.

Pick up the breast and bend it backwards, pushing toward you with your fingertips to pop out the keel bone (the keel bone is the dark heavy bone in the center of the breast.)

Work with your fingers, and the knife along the sides of the keel bone to free it and pull out the entire bone, including the cartilage (white soft portion) at the pointed end of the breast.

There are two long bones (one on each side) which extend backwards toward the point of the breast. Slip the knife point under one of these bones, loosening it.

Grasp the bone and lift it away from the breast, removing the rib cage while you slice closely along the back of it with your knife until it is free; repeat for the other side.

The wishbone remains - just pull it out.

The breast may be left whole to be stuffed, or sliced down the middle to make two halves. The skin may be removed or left on. The poultry may be cut into cubes for a chicken or turkey pot pie or thinly sliced for breaded cutlets or a stir-fry.

For cutlets, place thinly sliced breast portions between sheets of wax paper, parchment or plastic wrap and pound with a heavy weight or meat pounder. Bread the cutlets by dipping in an egg wash and bread or cracker crumbs or roll the cutlets around stuffing. Saut in a small amount of olive oil. For added flavor, add some freshly chopped garlic and parsley to the beaten egg.

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